Take Action


Take Action as a District

Establish an Environmental Team

Depending on the resources and capacity of the club this may be a new team or a new responsibility for an existing team

Prepare a Club Environmental Strategy

The scope for action to support the environment is immense.  Clarifying what you aim to do and how you aim to do it can help make your actions more coherent and effective.

Support District, National or International Initiatives

There are already many projects and initiatives at all these levels and there will be many more as action on the new area of focus gathers momentum.  This is an easy way to get started and get to understand some of the issues and opportunities better.  The links below provide some examples.

Develop Projects or Initiatives at club Level.

Club Initiatives may be small and one off – litter picking is an example – or more ambitious and strategic extending over several years.  They may involve partnerships with schools, other young people’s groups, local community or environmental groups, or overseas organisations.

Links to examples of Club Strategies




International Projects

Links to summaries of:

Sustainable Global Gardens

Sustainable Ovens

Kipsaina Wash



Club Projects

The experience of other clubs may give you ideas of what would be appropriate in your area and may provide useful guidance.  Follow the links below to different types of project.

National / District Projects

Insert links to

Rod Huggins award

Young Environmentalist Competition

Calculate your Club’s Environmental Footprint